What do we do? And how do we help young people?

Our aim is pretty simple, we want to make politics more accessible to young people and we aim to do that through our various online content programmes.

At the moment, we are focussing on the three platforms that we have already built and those will be outlined below. However, as we grow and get better at what we do, we are planning to launch a whole array of new platforms and ideas. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to keep abreast of any future developments.

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At the moment we use our Instagram as our primary platform for educational content and over the past few weeks, we have seen rapid growth on that platform.

On Instagram we share regular educational content, a few times a week, and like to keep our content schedule as varied as possible. We are always looking for new suggestions of topics we should be covering, so if you have something that you want us to focus on, please be sure to let us know.


Twice a week we post on our blog and are always looking for suggestions, contributions or guests posts from anyone who supports what we do. Once a week we focus on one particular issue (usually something related to one of our Insta posts) and write an in-depth article on that subject. Every Friday we post our second post and that post reconsiders everything we’ve created that week.

If you would like to write for blog, make sure you check the submission section on the β€˜Get Involved’ page.


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Each week we upload a podcast that aims to offer context to current affairs and attempts to consider the importance of any news, political developments or events. Through the podcast, we help you to understand the truth behind any issue, to learn what you need to know and to consider how this might affect you, your family or where you live.

There are occasional bonus posts that will include interviews with some of the world’s top political personalities.

each podcast episode

Three news story

Each week we take the three top news stories and consider exactly what they mean. This often means delving into the political analysis of the issue or considering the background.

Five things we learnt

Following our round up of the important news, we then consider five important lessons that we have learnt from anything and everything that has happened over the past week.

Focus issue

Lastly, we chose one issue and spend a good chunk of time considering the issue in detail. Where possible this will be a topical issue but often times it will just be a bigger issue that we have selected.

get involved

Interested in helping us? We have lots and lots that you can do.

If you’re supportive of what we want, what we do or just want a side hobby, we have lots of ways that you can work with us and help us to move forward.

Looking to the future

For us, Politics4Youth is a huge vision of something that we want to achieve and we already know where we want to go. We thought we would take a moment to outline some of the things we envision and be sure to sign up to our newsletter if you want to stay up to date.


In the long run, we want to be able to host a number of courses for our young followers. In the first instance, we plan on creating a digital course for the political basics but after that, we have much bigger plans. Eventually, our courses will help you to stand for election, fight to win and create your own campaigns.

Teacher resources

We believe that young people are being failed in that they are not receiving a standardised form of political education. As the votes for 16 movement gains traction and makes change across the country, there is an opportunity for this to happen. As well as creating courses to help teachers better teach this subject, we will also be creating resources that they can use in their lessons.


We plan on being a broad, advocacy organisation for young people and that will have several different outputs. Our followers will chose the issues that matter most and we will create campaigns around those issues. We also plan on working with all political parties to help them better support and engage young people.