'Whenever I am with energetic young people, I feel like a recharged battery.' - Nelson Mandela


Our aim is pretty simple, we want to help educate young people, so that they are empowered to engage in political systems here and around the world. We do that through our online content, predominantly our podcast and Instagram account.Β 

We think young people are failed by the lack of political education they often receive in schools and it is something that we want to change.Β 

Alongside our current content, we are also working on a number of other projects including e-courses for teachers and students, training, teaching resources for political lessons and our very first campaign.

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Our core Values


The goal of our content is to help young people understand some of the key political issues and current affairs.


Young people have the drive, the ambition and the want to make a difference, we aim to empower them to do so.


We will campaign for our young people, ensuring that we try to change what matters to them.


We aim to be inclusive and we work hard to ensure that our content is apolitical. Everyone is welcome here.

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If you’re interested in learning more about us or what it is that we do, make sure you check this page.


We are always looking for idea’s, suggestions and help with the various things we do.


We use a wide array of sources in the research of our content, these can be found here.

What we Believe

  • We believe that young people have everything that it takes to change the world, but they often lack the confidence. This comes from education and that is something we aim to help with.
  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but valuable opinions are those which are based on provable information and facts, whatever the politics of the belief.
  • We believe that there are thousands of young people out there who remain an untapped resource due to a lack of political education.
  • The education system should be offering a political education but at the moment, there is no standardised education provided.

Politics4Youth Limited is a registered business (12611872)